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Is It Time To Get A(nother) Dog?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Applicable for all pets, really!

Raise your hand if you've had it with the anxiety, isolation and fear of this pandemic. YEP. So today feels like a good day to talk about something fun! Since being home is about the only option right now, people are growing their families by adding furry friends. I actually wrote this blog about a year ago and forgot about it, but it seems timely now. Plus my feeds are full of new pets and I love it. Does seeing all these sweet, sweet faces make you wonder if it’s time to take the leap and get a(nother) one yourself?

If you know me personally, follow me on social media, or talk with me for more than three minutes, you know I am low-key obsessed with my dogs. We had one pup for almost three years, until life made it apparent it was time for another. And now, we’ve got a bright, busy babe in the mix, too. Three beautiful children. Yes, I'm including my dogs.


⬆️This is Hazelnut, alias Crazelnut, Little Nugget, and Hazel.⬆️ She’s five years old, goofy, impish, super intelligent, cuddly when she feels like it and fiercely independent (GURL POWER). Loves peanut butter, tug-of-war and stealing mom’s slippers so people chase her around the house to get them back.


⬆️This is Zephyr (Zef-ur), alias Zephman, Zeph-y and Man-the-Man-Man.⬆️ He’s two and a half, eager, agile, incredibly loving, emotionally intuitive, and absolutely full of s**t. Lol. Loves anything involving physical activity, and strewing his toys all over the place so that we step on them in the dark and nearly incapacitate ourselves.

⬆️And this ⬆️, this glorious composition is them together. Friends, I have 29,000 photos on my phone. Aside from photos taken in the last year which are all of my child—lol parenthood ✌️–26,000 photos are of my dogs and 25,000 are of my dogs being best friends. They LOVE each other. The amount of times my husband and I stop what are we’re doing just to watch them and revel in the fact that they’re so happy together is borderline ridiculous. Aside from our babe, we always say getting another dog was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

And I really do get this question a lot: How did you know it was time to get another dog? The answer is simpler than you think, and it really comes down to having the following things. This applies to getting your first dog, too. And honestly, kids, but that’s a different post for another day 😁 :

1.) Enough Money

One dog is expensive. If you get another one, you can undoubtedly depend on the fact that your expenses will double. Or maybe even quadruple, because one of your dogs develops a secretive habit of ingesting socks while the other silently eggs her on, ultimately leading to midnight ER vet visits. Regardless, IMHO, whether you’re committing to one dog or 20, you’d better be ready to pay for whatever comes your way, even if it means selling the family car. They depend on you to stay alive and that’s a pretty humbling and crucial responsibility.

2.) Enough Time (and Patience)

Whether it’s a puppy, an untrained dog, or even a previously trained dog, you’re going to need a good amount of time to teach them about your expectations. Some of them may learn faster than others, but none will learn immediately. Remember that you are uprooting their lives, and it will take them time to adjust—this goes for your current dog, too. Make sure you’re around to patiently show your new pup how to be a member of your family; this will build a bond between all of you, and establish you as pack leader: always a good thing.

3.) Enough Space

You and your pups are going to be much happier if you all have the room to coexist. Consider the breed(s) and sizes of your dogs. For us, Shelties are very active so we knew it wasn’t feasible to have two in a 600 sq. ft. shoebox, er, apartment. However, when we were close to getting a house with a yard and enough room indoors to not be stepping on their sweet little toes all the time, it made the decision a whole lot easier.

4.) A Good Support System

First and foremost, it is especially helpful (but not required) to have a partner willing to assist with the training process and overall responsibility—feeding/walking/letting out etc. Plus, when one of you begins to lose your sanity, the other one can jump in. Additionally, make sure you have a fully trusted veterinary clinic that knows your dog(s) personally. Excellent care is paramount and they’re a good source of advice on the adjustment process. Also consider having good groomers and a reliable contact (within your price range) to watch them if you ever need to go somewhere without them.

>>And there you have it.<<

Short answer, because it really is the truth? If you’ve got the four things above, plus you’re asking yourself if you should get a(nother) dog, then it’s time. YAY!

Send photos, please. And, if you want to see more photos of mine, follow me on Insta. :D

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